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3 Reasons E-Publishing Hasn’t Made It Easier To Make It As An Author
The publishing world has changed. For years it was an elite world guarded by a series of Gatekeepers that aspiring authors had to fight their way through in order to
Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex
is my first Eugenides read and I think it had been on my Kindle for perhaps a year an a half before I decided to pick it up after noticing
Guardian’s top 100 books of all time – Update
I’ve neglected updating this challenge early in January as I’d planned, perhaps because I knew I hadn’t done so well in terms of it this year. As I’ve mostly read
A Word A Day
A Word a Day Compilation, Letter M
mandala [mandala] Circular designs in Hindu and Buddhist religious art, representing the universe or other aspects of their beliefs. They are used as a focus and aid to concentration in
An Idiom A Day
An idiom a day: to win one’s colors
to win one’s colors – to win recognition for one’s achievements