2012: A Year of Books

This time last year I was reading The Call of the Wild and I was still 4 or 5 days away from launching Found in Books. Since then, I’ve posted close to 300 articles and have read 75 books (40 of which on Kindle), in 4 languages and 5 countries. That’s 22149 pages by the way, woo hoo!!! (Modesty? Who cares?), but 5000 pages less than in 2011, so there’s still work to be done.

My favorite book of 2012 has been Twenty Years in Siberia, and my least favorite I Was Dora Suarez, but I’ve read so much wonderful literature this year that I couldn’t possibly put it all in one post. Guess I’ll have to keep this website going for a while then?

Happy 2013, Fellow Bookworms!

Browsing for books by the Thames

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