50 Best Books for Teachers (Infographic)

Sometimes, no matter how experienced the teacher, an educator just runs out of steam. Reaching for a good book can inspire, motivate and rejuvenate a teacher, giving her the edge once again. Here are 50 good books that will do the job.

New teachers who may benefit from books that introduce effective teaching lesson plans, techniques and communication styles have several reading options in this list. The “First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide”, “The First Days of School”, “Growing Minds” and “Fred Jones Tools for Teaching” are must-reads for newbies.

More experienced teachers who are looking for a new approach will want to study books like “See me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers,” “The Animal School,” “Teach like a Champion” and “49 Techniques that put Students on the Path to College.” These books will help put the zip back into a teacher’s step.

Teachers who need motivation may benefit from “The Courage to Teach,” “Educating Esme,” and The “Teacher’s Book of Wit.” These books may have teachers both laughing and crying.

Regardless of a teacher’s motivation, check out these 50 books for hours of reading pleasure.

Source: Best Education Degrees

50 Best Books for Teachers

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