Budget e-Book Reader: Why Kindle Fire is a Must-Buy


E-book sales have boomed in the UK this year as more and more people switch to the electronic reading experience. Loads of firms have produced their very own e-readers from the simple and cheap models to the high-spec and high-priced offerings. We think that the Kindle Fire is the best compromise between the two, offering great value with performance that can’t be beat at that price. Here’s why the Kindle Fire is the standout buy for anyone considering purchasing an e-reader:


The Kindle Fire boasts excellent performance which makes much more expensive options such as the iPad seem all that more expensive. The Kindle Fire can do almost everything that an iPad can at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the size which is extraordinary to say the least. The power that comes with this tiny 7” device is more than enough to cope with high-quality streaming and all the functionality you’d expect from a budget tablet.


There’s no denying that the Kindle Fire is a great-looking product. Far sleeker and sexier than its rather staid predecessor, the Kindle Fire really stands out amongst other e-book readers. So if you’re looking for that stylish something to be seen with, look no further. Its layout and processes are really simple to navigate as well due to the well-thought-out and, again, good-looking interface. No doubt, the Kindle Fire is one of the best e-readers out there in terms of style so important for the fashion-conscious among us. You’ll want to show it off wherever you go, even if it means skimming the book you’re reading!


Amazon have the best collection of downloadable e-books in the world and using the Kindle Fire to access this amazing library is a breeze. Even the keenest bookworm won’t have a problem finding something to read and downloading it in seconds. Of course, the choice doesn’t end there what with the entire internet at the tip of your fingers. Content streaming is easy, fast and generally reliable and you can further enhance you viewing experience with products like Visopix 3D glasses.


When you consider all of the above points, the Kindle Fire can’t be beaten for value for money. It performs like an iPad, looks far better than any other e-reader out there and has the quickest access to the widest selection of e-books. Coming in at well-under two hundred pounds and offering such functionality it’s not surprising that many are snapping up the Kindle Fire and hailing it as the best e-reader available on the market right now.

Karen Tallwater is a self confessed bookworm and e-reader fanatic 

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