Saturday Quotes: Saira Viola

Every Saturday we’re publishing a collection of wonderful quotes we’ve read during the previous week. This week we’re featuring Sara Viola’s latest novel, and a list of the author’s favorite quotes from it. Enjoy!

Saira Viola, CRACK APPLE and POP

You knew you were in a Jean Luc Goddard quagmire when your dealer was talking retirement, off shore accounts and Grand Cayman tax havens. Welcome to the decade of free enterprise.

One solitary gunfire shot had ripped open the Manhattan skyline and mottled the night air red. It was a horrifying sight to behold, like a Damien Hirst installation without the safety of perspex.

A mix of Courtney Love and Winnona Ryder she was smutty cool and yet fragile like a broken doll.

She looked like a Vegas show girl in “rehab”, 6ft tall with a dirty blonde wig sculpted eyebrows and cherry red lip gloss; wearing a neon pink jumpsuit and silver kitten mules she spoke with an elongated Ru Paul strut.

His voice was ripped with crack and booze he reminded Kara of a handbag sized Chucky doll.

All he had was a bullet a bag and a dream.

He was dreaming the dream with a steady flow of cash and instant respectability. Dave greeted him with a superstar grin and a diamond earring, he wore an all white suit and CJ’s Lucchese Cowboy boots.

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