Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah’s Key

Sarah’s Key

Throughout the years, and especially during the last three or four, I have read a lot of Holocaust literature, some of which I’ve mentioned on this website, here, here, and probably in some other places as well. Most of these books have really touched me and I’m sure there are quite a lot of Holocaust related works out there equally fascinating and beautifully written that I haven’t yet had a chance to read, but…, at one point I think I decided to put Holocaust reading on hold for a while. Just a year or two, while I recovered from all these painful stories.

Of course, as with most things I’ve been planning away bookwise, I’ve failed.

Sarah’s Key is yet another book recommended to me by my mother (like this one). The two of us have got a history of mixed favorite books, and then a bunch of them that she’s really liked and I’ve reluctantly labeled as ok, much to her outrage. Sarah’s Key was one of them. I wanted to like it, Holocaust or no Holocaust, just because my mother had. And it really sounded like I might from the cover: journalist Julia Jarmond is asked to write an article about the deportation of Parisian Jews in the summer of 1942. As her investigation proceeds, she uncovers an array of family secrets that connect her to Sarah, a 10 year old girl who was, along with her family, among those arrested and deported during the events of July 1942.

I’m finding it a bit difficult to review this book without over using the labels “ok” and “all right”. Because it really was that, in the end. An “ok” read. The story was, well, sad, and troubling, but I found it quite predictable and therefore was not as impressed as I probably should have been. Towards the end as well, the book turned into a bit of a romantic story, which is not something I’m particularly fond of reading and not something I would have picked out for myself. Therefore, as I finished the last pages, I was pretty much feeling… “meh”. It wasn’t bad. The writing was nice and I found myself liking young Sarah quite a bit, but I wasn’t blown away and will probably not return to Tatiana de Rosnay anytime soon.

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Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah’s Key
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