The Body of Pablo Neruda Will Be Exhumed on April 8th

The human remains of poet Pablo Neruda will be exhumed this coming April following a court order, in en effort to determine whether the author has indeed been a victim of the Pinochet regime, as the legends claim. Officially, he died of a form of cancer he’d been suffering from for several years.

Following the poet’s passing, his assistant Manuel Araya, has officially stated on several occasions that Neruda’s death was caused by a lethal injection ordered by Pinochet, claiming that the writer and diplomat had been using his influence within global intellectual circles of the time to push for restoring democracy. Neruda was a well known supporter of president Salvador Allende, who had been overthrown following a coup d’etat just a couple of weeks shy of the poet’s death.

The Pablo Neruda Foundation has always claimed that Neruda, recipient of Nobel Prize For Literature in 1971, died of cancer.

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