Top 5 Books to Read at the Beach

If you are looking for the perfect way to laze around in the sun and enjoy the beach air; then have a look at the top five beach books. These books are bound to make you feel engrossed till the very last page.

1. Meg Cabot, Insatiable

Meg Cabot now offers an interesting vampire aspect to this book. A killer is out on the round in the city of Manhattan and wants to drink the sweet blood of women. Meena Harper believes that vampires do not exist. However, the interesting turns and twists mean that she falls in love with a vampire. The book offers a highly thrilling and exciting story to the readers that believe in the world of vampires and their supernatural powers.

2. Tana French, Faithful Place

An exciting and intriguing story; this book presents the story of Frank Mackey who is jilted by his girlfriend on the day he was about to elope her. Twenty two years later he is presented with clues that allow him to discover what really happened to his girlfriend that night. The intriguing way of the book is bound to leave one in confusion till the very end of the story.

3. Megan Abbott, Dare Me

The story revolves around two teenagers namely Beth Cassidy and Addy Hanlon whose lifes change when a new coach is recruited at the school. This book focuses on the complexities of life and the environment present within high school. The book presents a deep insight into how better judgments can change the direction of life.

4. David Nicholls, One Day

Dexter and Emma are in love and this story revolves around their relationship and the twists and turns of faith that bring them together time and again. The story is spread over a period of two decades and this sweet romance is all about two people whose lives are entwined by faith and love. They meet time and again and the question that arises is will they become one forever?

5. Rachel Joyce, The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry

This book is about the journey made by Harold Fry to Queenie, his long lost friend who is dying of cancer. The book is about the emotions that bound Harold Fry as he makes his journey and the people he meet during his way to Queenie. The book is also about his wife who fears of losing her husband and is worried that he will never return. The journey to Queenie and back home depicts a marriage that is broken a long time ago and the question that surrounds the reader is will it ever repair? The book revolves around the transformation that takes place during the characters and the hope that arises in them as the journey progresses.

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