Why the Book is Always Better than the Movie

The debate between books and movies will be around as long as movie studios continue to base movies off of books. Some people will say that the movie is better than the book, but in most cases, the book will always win.

There are plenty of reasons why books are better than movies, and here are a few of them.

Your imagination is better than any movie.

The main reason that books are better than movies is because you get to use your imagination. You can picture the characters the way you want, and you can picture the setting to take place how you want too. If you read the book first, you have this idea of what happens and how it looks, and if the movie doesn’t portray the book to look or feel the same way that you imagined, then you will be disappointed right from the beginning.

Movies make it too perfect.

Movies make the book too perfect, and this can take away from the story or the feeling of the novel. For example, if a main character is supposed to be a bit overweight and disheveled, the movie may have them skinny and perfectly coiffed. They don’t allow real people to portray the characters, and instead use Hollywood’s finest to do the job.

Movies are also perfectly choreographed so that everything falls into place. A love scene will have perfect lighting with perfect emotions and perfect placement of body parts. That doesn’t happen in real life. Love making is never perfect in real life, especially the first time two people find themselves in the act. The situation may be a bit awkward, something may go wrong, and both individuals may not climax at the same time. But in the movies, this awkwardness is never shown, and instead, every aspect of the movie becomes too perfect.

The story is never the same.

Even though people fall in the love with the book, movie studios need to rewrite the book so that it can fit into a 1.5 to 2 hour time slot. Plus, they need to change things so that it would be more entertaining to their audience, and they may even leave out some valuable information or characters or even add in a few of their own to make the story more diverse. When this happens, the studios are taking away from the reality of the book and creating their own separate spin off.

Movies are made to attract a wide audience, and if a book is targeting a small niche of people, the movie studio will need to rewrite the book so that the story will attract a larger audience. By doing this, they can hope to make more money off the movie.

Books will continue to be made into movies, but they will never have the same quality or invoke the same type of feelings as the book. Until movie studios start creating the movie to flow exactly like the book, and until they start making the movies feel more realistic with real people, then they will continue to make those who read the book unhappy.

Steven Peters is a freelance writer who resides in Boston.  He enjoys reading and recently explained why there are differences in books vs. movies.

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