Why You Actually Have Time For Reading: Four Excuses Proven Wrong

“The best thing of life as an adult is that you don’t have to spend your nights doing homework or revising for exams,” a teacher of mine once said, and with three years of university ahead of me, boy, didn’t I wish for that time to come! Yet, years into my adult life now I have to reluctantly admit that my bookshelf certainly has seen better days as I’m struggling to remember what my last serious read was.

We yearn for the days when we could just read through the night, when finding out what happened at the end of the book was a matter of life and death. But when it comes finding time to read, we’re finding 101 excuse of not doing it. Here are four examples why those excuses are invalid.

Excuse 1: It’s Family Time!

Hiding away in your bedroom instead of having some quality time with your family, watching a film or having a meal together? What a selfish person you are! However, if you are committing yourself to spending the evening in family circle, it doesn’t mean you have to fiddle about waiting for the dinner to be ready, or spend two hours watching commercials with them before the actual film comes on. Use this time to read a few pages. You can also fit in a quick reading escape by reading in your bathtub while taking an evening bath.

Excuse 2: Someone Has To Do the Chores

Indeed, someone has to do them but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do it, does it? While lounging on sofa with a book when you’re not able to find a clean pair of the socks in the house might come across as an extreme slothfulness, I doubt that your excessive reading is to blame for the mess (or you wouldn’t be reading this post). Instead of running around like a headless chicken, why not just set a certain time for doing your chores? Besides, you can still read while your clothes are washing and your dishes are drip-drying, right?

Excuse 3: Reading is Such a Lonely Thing to Do

Spending a reasonable part of your day with your computer as your main friend and companion, it’s only normal that in the evening you may want to go out and socialise. While it may sound extremely old fashioned, but why not try joining one of the book clubs organised by many independent bookstores and libraries or just start one with your friends – if nothing else then just to challenge their constant complaining about not having any motivation to read. No more will you see those raised eyebrows when talking about a new book you’ve just picked up!

Excuse 4: The Book May Not Be Worth Your Time

It might seem like an extremely bold thing to say, but name me one person who has never felt the bitter realisation upon finishing the last chapter that, no matter how many chances you gave it, the book proved to be nothing but a major disappointment. Don’t let it put you off reading for good! Surely, no one knows what effect a certain book will have on us and even the greatest novelists in the world can leave some of us quite indifferent, but if you want to get back into reading, choose something you’d like, and don’t be ashamed of reading The Princess Diaries at the age of 40.

Finally, remember that reading has to be an enjoyable experience. While it’s sometimes handy to give ourselves that little nudge towards opening the book in the beginning, you must never feel like you’re forcing your way through it or you’ll never be that kid reading though the night in the light of a torch – or a wireless LED lighting, if you please.

Louise Blake is a new mom and a passionate reader who would bury herself in her books… if it wasn’t for her family to look after. So she picked up writing instead and currently blogs for lumalighting.

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  2. Spot on! I am strong believer that if you want to make time to read, you do it. Although I will have to see how this is applicable when I will become a mother one day!

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